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How Stacy Mizrahi Overcame Anxiety and Helped Others Battle Theirs

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“If you allow anxiety a seat at the table, it will become an unruly guest”, says Stacy Mizrahi, a partner of StressDoc Enterprises. Stacy’s story starts with a visit to a pizzeria years earlier, where he experienced his first panic attack.

“The stresses of work were consuming me but I just kept pressing through it. But on that particular day, by body had enough”

While looking at the menu, Stacy felt numb.

” All of the sudden, I couldn’t move. By vision went bury then everything went black. I woke up several minutes later on te floor, everyone in the restaurant staring at me.”

It was the start of several crippling panic attacks that seemingly came out of the blue.

“I had gone to my general practitioner, a neurologist, and a cardiologist. All my test showed that I was healthy. I couldn’t make sense of it. Then , one day, I had family member step in and show me how to meditate. I really didn’t want to do it, but I was so beaten down that felt open to trying it. Panic attacks really wipe you out, I felt so defeated that I was willing to try anything.”

His first and subsequent sessions yielded positive results.

“I began seeing improvements immediately. After that, I threw myself into other practices like Yoga and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I also started unpacking all the worries that had be on edge.”

That was when Stacy decided to help launch Stressdoc Enterprises to tackle stress and anxiety problems in the workplace. Partnering with Mark Gorkin an author and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Stacy found both experience and support.

“Working with Mark has been fantastic! He’s been helping organizations with burnout for decades and I was able to give him a ground level view of how organizational dysfunction can contribute. It was a real yin yang fusion.”

The collaboration has led many successful programs that aim to mitigate stress from both a personal and organizational perspective.

Stacy has recently led workshops on stress and anxiety management to help others who are struggling.

“COVID-19 has really exasperated problems. If an organization wasn’t doing much to support their workers, the pandemic magnified the issues and often created new ones. The result is that we are seeing unparalleled levels of dysfunction at home and in the work environment – which are often the same place!”

Stacy and Mark are now offering many COVID-19 related programs to specifically deal with the pandemic related issues. But he also stresses that people shouldn’t wait till disaster strikes.

“Our programs can help organizations to sort out their issues, and have turned many companies around . We can help work teams find serenity. But anyone who is dealing with severe anxiety should get help right away. Take it from me, a trip to a therapist is much cheaper than a trip the to the emergency room!”

To learn more about Stacy Mizrahi or StressDoc Enterprises you can visit: https//:STRESSDOC.COM